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Air Liquide to support U.S. Department of Energy’s Zero-Emission Freight Corridor initiative

Published on April 18, 2023

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Air Liquide will be a key supporting partner for two projects that advance the planning and infrastructure necessary for the deployment of hydrogen mobility along sustainable fueling corridors across the country. Air Liquide will support both the “Houston to Los Angeles (H2LA) – I-10 Hydrogen Corridor Project” led by GTI Energy, and the “East Coast Commercial ZEV Corridor” led by CALSTART. These projects will receive support from the U.S. Department of Energy through the agency’s Innovative Medium- and Heavy-Duty EV Charging and Hydrogen Regional Fueling Corridor Infrastructure Plan initiative, which will accelerate the creation of zero-emission vehicle corridors that expand the nation’s zero-emission fueling infrastructure for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles.

The establishment of sustainable fueling corridors will help advance the deployment and adoption of sustainably fueled vehicles, like hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles. As regional hydrogen development is underway and will expand rapidly through programs like the DOE’s Hydrogen Hubs initiative, hydrogen corridors will serve as a means to connect these regional basins and unite the country from coast to coast with the benefits of sustainable mobility. 

Katie Ellet, president, Hydrogen Energy & Mobility North America, said, “Air Liquide is proud to continue its support of the U.S. Department of Energy through its contributions to the H2LA Hydrogen Corridor Project and the East Coast Commercial ZEV Corridor. These initiatives are clear examples of how the private sector, with supportive government policies, can drive the transformation of the mobility market to one that is more sustainable, and advance the overall transition to a clean energy economy with hydrogen at its core.”

With 60 years of experience leading the global hydrogen market, Air Liquide has mastered the entire hydrogen value chain and will lend to the projects its expertise in hydrogen transportation and logistics. With an extensive hydrogen pipeline in the Gulf Coast, and one of the country’s top-25 largest fleets, Air Liquide is able to distribute both gaseous and liquid hydrogen to customers across the U.S. This capability is critical to ensuring future hydrogen transportation corridors are reliable, efficient and sustainable.