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Sustainable Technologies

Air Liquide is committed to utilizing new technologies such as CryoCap™ to strengthen our sustainability efforts.

At the heart of the future


Air Liquide has developed a suite of robust & competitive technologies for carbon capture and liquefaction suitable for various industries to decarbonize, advance the energy transition and accompany customers in meeting their sustainability objectives.

Our customized carbon capture utilization and storage solutions cover the entire value chain for producers of hydrogen, renewable fuels, methanol and more. One of the key technologies helping customers today is Cryocap™, a carbon capture technology that is unique in the world.


CryoCap™ is a technological innovation for carbon capture which uses a cryogenic process involving low temperatures, around -50°C, combined with membrane separation, that is unique in the world. CryoCap™ can be adapted to fit the needs of a variety of industries including refining and hydrogen production plants in particular, steel (blast furnace off gases), and oxy-combustion processes which really includes any fuel burning industry.

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