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H2 Industry

With the Air Liquide Large Industries business line, our expertise and technologies allow us to synergize between the hydrogen industrial and energy transition markets to ensure the availability of hydrogen in large quantities.

Pathway to a Renewable Future

Low-carbon hydrogen holds one of the most promising solutions for hard-to-decarbonize industries, including steel, cement and chemical production. Air Liquide is partnering with world-leading producers in these industries to use hydrogen to pioneer and bring to scale innovative solutions to decarbonize their production. Hydrogen plays a key role in the transition to a clean, low-carbon energy system. In steel production, hydrogen can be used as a CO₂ emission-free reducing agent for iron ore. Air Liquide has expertise in the entire hydrogen value chain, from production through storage to the development of end user applications. Air Liquide produces air gases, hydrogen and carbon monoxide through proprietary state-of-the-art technologies for the chemicals industry. We are the ideal partner for bringing projects to fruition and for developing customized gas and energy solutions that respond to customer needs.


cubic feet of storage capacity

Gulf Coast

Air Liquide operates an extensive industrial gas pipeline system, which spans nearly 2,000 miles, supplying oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen to customers along the U.S. Gulf Coast in Texas and Louisiana. One of our operations is the world’s largest hydrogen storage cavern, located in Beaumont, Texas, that provides hydrogen on demand to our refinery customers on the Gulf Coast. Located in an underground cavern, this facility has a storage capacity of over 4.5 billion cubic feet which enables it to be a safe, efficient, and reliable hydrogen supply to our customers in the refinery and petrochemicals industries.

Beaumont, TX


low carbon hydrogen per day


The world’s largest PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) electrolyzer in operation, in Bécancour, Québec, is a membrane-based, renewable hydrogen production unit in Canada. As the world's largest PEM electrolyzer in production, the site produces hydrogen gas and liquid hydrogen for industrial customers in Canada and the U.S. Supplied with renewable energy, this unit produces up to 8.2 tonnes per day of low-carbon hydrogen to supply our industrial customers.

Bécancour, Quebec


investment by Air Liquide

West Coast

Air Liquide’s hydrogen plant located in North Las Vegas, Nevada, officially began its operations in early 2022. The plant is the first world-scale liquid hydrogen production facility dedicated to the mobility market, ensuring a reliable and safe supply of renewable hydrogen fuel for drivers in California who are at the forefront of the clean energy transition.

North Las Vegas, NV


liquid hydrogen per day


Airgas, an Air Liquide Company, operates an Air Separation Unit (ASU) in Calvert City, Kentucky. This liquid hydrogen plant produces 10 tonnes of liquid hydrogen per day for a variety of uses from the production of glass, metals, chemicals, and electrical power to hydrogen fuel cell applications. In addition, the facility ensures long-term reliability of supply for its merchant gas customers in the midwest region. 

Calvert City, KY

The Future of Hydrogen

The future of hydrogen is immense! Air Liquide is playing a vital role in developing a robust hydrogen economy in the United States.

  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

  • Create a highly competitive source of domestically produced low-emission energy

  • Provide significant environmental benefits & improve air quality

Hydrogen by 2050...

3 million Jobs created in the U.S. by 2050

14%+ of U.S. hydrogen energy demand in 2050

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