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Oil & Gas

A complete offer to support transformation in the Oil and Gas sectors.

Turnkey solutions

Air Liquide is committed to fueling sustainable growth in the oil and gas industry. We offer a complete line of gases, equipment, and technologies and services for customers in the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors, supporting operations both onshore and offshore. Our goal is to help companies maximize operational efficiency, improve process safety, and reduce their carbon footprint, while managing rising operating costs. Our R&D teams continuously work to proactively develop solutions to meet the industry’s current and future technical and regulatory challenges.

Exploration and production

Air Liquide supports a range of upstream activities, supplying products, technologies and services designed to make exploration and production operations safer and more environmentally sustainable. We have developed an array of specialty and diving gas solutions to help customers in the upstream sector maximize oil and gas recovery and achieve cost efficiencies in a safe manner.

Transportation and storage

Air Liquide supplies a number of industrial and specialty gas solutions for the midstream sector to meet quality and regulatory compliance requirements for transporting natural gas, refined fuels and chemical feedstocks. Nitrogen is vital to pressure transfer between storage vessels and for inerting LNG tankers. 

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Turbo Brayton Cryogenic Systems

Air Liquide Advanced Technologies’ Turbo-Brayton technology is an innovative, reliable and efficient solution for cryogenics, designed to save energy. It guarantees a continuous, highly reliable, energy-efficient and 100% oil-free operation.

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Refining and petrochemicals

Air Liquide’s full range of gases, equipment and supply chain solutions are geared to help improve efficiencies in your operations while enhancing quality, safety and TCO. We supply hydrogen gas to produce low-sulfur transportation fuels and to upgrade low-quality refinery feedstocks. 

Our offer also includes a variety of specialty gases and nitrogen pumping services specifically designed to support planned and unplanned turnarounds in refineries and construction projects.


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