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Providing a range of solutions that promotes more efficient and sustainable production of automobiles.

Building a more sustainable automotive industry

At Air Liquide, we understand today’s transformation of the automotive industry. We support sustainable industry growth for light and heavy vehicles, including electric and fuel cell vehicles. Our gases, products and services are designed to increase efficiency of your manufacturing process and advanced battery and energy storage.

Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV)

Air Liquide is a key player in the fast-growing North America hydrogen energy mobility market, producing hydrogen, along with a network of supply stations, that will serve fuel cells for light and heavy-duty vehicles. These hydrogen fuel cells are designed to help commercial vehicles, buses, heavy goods vehicles, and more, operate with net zero emissions from CO2 and other particulates, and quietly with close-to-zero noise at the point of use.

Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV)

Gases play a critical role in the manufacture of electric vehicles, as well as throughout the battery manufacturing ecosystem. You need the right gas with reliable and uninterrupted supply, from start up into production and through expansion and recycling. Airgas can help meet EV market needs with a variety of supply modes, delivered via a  large US footprint. Our experts, backed by the Air Liquide R&D network, are ready to help optimize gas use and battery performance, simplify your supply chain, and improve your TCO.

Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Vehicles

Airgas provides gases, equipment, welding and safety products you need to keep you competitive. In addition, and to ensure environmental compliance, we also provide a complete line of pure and mixed specialty calibration gases and gas handling equipment designed for use with instruments measuring vehicle and engine emissions from various sources.

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