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Air Liquide provides solutions for biogas upgrading and biomethane liquefaction

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What is Biogas?

Composed primarily of methane and carbon dioxide, biogas is efficiently turned into biomethane through the process of purification.

This phenomenon, called anaerobic digestion, occurs naturally in marshes, spontaneously in garbage dumps, and is artificially provoked in digesters during the treatment of household, industrial or farming waste, and purification sludge.

The biogas produced by the fermentation of this waste is a source of renewable energy, which, after purification, can replace natural gas from fossil sources.

Farmers, manufacturers, and local authorities can thereby process their waste while exploiting the energy it contains and its financial potential.

Air Liquide's purification solution allows all biogases to be used in a natural gas network, the production of vehicle fuels (gaseous or liquid biomethane) or the production of renewable hydrogen after reforming the biomethane.


methane content

Biogas Purification

In order to turn the biogas into a substitute for natural gas, we need to remove the carbon dioxide (CO2) and the pollutants. Air Liquide has developed a technical solution that now allows biogas producers to efficiently turn it into biomethane using purification processes.

The technology used to separate the two main components of biogas - methane and carbon dioxide - is based on the use of polymer membranes produced by Air Liquide Advanced Separations (ALaS). This efficient system generates biomethane with a methane (CH4) content of between 96.5% and 99%, depending on its purpose.

With its technical solution for biogas purification, Air Liquide takes charge of every stage of processing, from when it leaves the digester until it is injected into the gas network.

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