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Mike Graff talks hydrogen hubs with Chemical Week Magazine

Published on June 16, 2023

2 minutes

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Regional Hydrogen Hubs program has put hydrogen project development on the fast-track across the country. That’s because the program aims to invest $8 billion dollars in regional hydrogen hubs nationwide, and hopeful hubs are lining up from coast to coast, and in between.  

For Air Liquide, the Hydrogen Hubs program is a welcome initiative and one that supports its own investment ambition. Having already invested over $1 billion in the hydrogen market in the U.S., the Group intends to invest an additional nearly $10 billion in the low-carbon hydrogen value chain globally by 2035. This investment history, market prowess and involvement in several major hubs is highlighted by American Air Liquide Chairman & CEO Mike Graff in the latest edition of Chemical Week Magazine from S&P Global Commodity Insights.  

In reporter Jameson Croteau’s feature, Hub hopefuls: US policy spurs the clean hydrogen transition, readers will discover the position of the North American hydrogen market relative to Europe, an overview of the Hydrogen Hubs Program and its growth from the Inflation Reduction Act, and a spotlight on a few of the regional hubs vying for selection from the DOE.  

Read the full piece and share the insights from Mike Graff below!