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Mike Graff receives prestigious AGILE Award from the American Institute of Chemical Engineers

Published on March 13, 2023

2 minutes

On Monday, March 13, American Air Liquide Chairman & CEO Mike Graff, attended the American Institute of Chemical Engineers’ (AIChE) annual spring meeting and global congress on process safety where he was presented with the AIChE Government & Industry Leader Award. As the professional home for Chemical Engineers in the US, and beyond, the AGILE Award is presented to leaders whose exemplary service to the discipline has advanced the chemical engineering field to where it stands today. 

As the 2023 recipient of the AIChE AGILE Award, Mike opened the conference with a keynote speech centered on the gathering’s theme of “Embracing the future of chemical engineering”. Mike set the scene by linking the profession’s eagerness to embrace the future to Air Liquide’s own ambition of inventing the future. For Air Liquide, that means delivering a strong financial performance which prepares for the future, acting as a leader in industry decarbonization, promoting progress through technological innovation, and acting on behalf of us all. Similarly, a chemical engineering field that embraces the future is necessary to addressing society’s greatest challenges including the energy transition, the future of space exploration and creating a better and equitable workplace for future generations.

"As we look to the future, we see a world looking for more…cleaner energy…greater digital connectivity…affordable and reliable healthcare.

The question then becomes, "Who is going to deliver that future?" Now, the world will rely on chemical engineers once more to help us shape a future we can only today imagine. 

If the past is prologue, then we should feel very confident about the future of our nation’s chemical engineers."   -- Mike Graff