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Houston volunteers teach students about ethics and professionalism

Published on March 14, 2023

2 minutes

Cora has a choice: cheat and pass the exam or do her best and hope she passes. Without a passing grade she can’t play sports. What should she do?

This scenario is one of several ethical dilemmas Air Liquide volunteers recently presented to students at the Young Women’s College Preparatory Academy in Houston. The week-long, 90-minute sessions were part of Air Liquide’s expansion of its partnership with Junior Achievement and the all-girls school.

The JA “Excellence Through Ethics” module is designed to teach the importance of ethics and ethical decision-making, as well as how ethical and unethical choices affect everyone in the community. Interacting with grades six through nine, volunteers helped the students explore their personal values, character development and ethics, while providing the opportunity to discuss related issues.

“Most of the girls weren’t familiar with the word ethics,” CSR Manager Emma Chambers said. “Once we broke it down to doing what is good, right and proper, we were able to begin a lively discussion.” 

Internal auditor Lorena Jaimes teamed up with Chambers to present to two classes. Her JA journey began in elementary school and continued through high school. “I like paying back and inspiring future generations. The programs bring information to students that could have an impact on their future lives,” she said.

Other Air Liquide volunteers taught the “It’s My Job” soft skills module. Divided into cellphones in the workplace, workplace communication and communicating about yourself, the sections focused on professional tone, appropriate topics for workplace discussions and building consensus. Although the module would seem to be geared to adults, the skills are applicable to any age. 

The interactive sessions gave the students the opportunity to role play appropriate and inappropriate conversations and behaviors.

Thank you to volunteers Annika Bergman, Emma Chambers, Jessica David, Kristen Eastman, Monique Hartemink, Lorena Jaimes, Cherie LaGuerre and Rachel Williams for giving the students a head start in becoming workforce ready. 

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