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Air Liquide selected for the Texas Hydrogen Production Policy Council

Published on February 01, 2024

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Hydrogen’s ability to be produced locally, utilizing the natural resources and talent available by region, is the driving force behind the efforts to connect a national hydrogen economy through regional ecosystems. Perhaps surprising to some, Texas is the world’s leading hydrogen producer and this historical knowledge of production puts it at the forefront of the clean energy transition.

Now, with the recent formation of the Texas Hydrogen Production Policy Council, Air Liquide will be offering its expertise to advance hydrogen into the future. The Council, formed by the Railroad Commission of Texas, brings together industry, community and government leaders to further the “development of a state plan for hydrogen production, analyze the development of hydrogen industries around the state, and monitor regional efforts for the application and development of a clean hydrogen hub authorized under the Federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act”. 

Air Liquide produces nearly 5 billion cubic meters of hydrogen in the U.S. annually - and well over half of that is produced in the Gulf Coast. This hydrogen is then moved and stored along Air Liquide’s world-class infrastructure including our Gulf Coast pipeline system and hydrogen storage cavern. Air Liquide’s largest pipeline system in the world is backed up by the largest hydrogen storage cavern globally. Located in Texas, the cavern is the largest globally and provides storage of over 4.5 B cubic feet of hydrogen to complement Air Liquide’s robust supply capabilities along the Gulf Coast. In addition, as a member of 6 of the 7 regional hydrogen hubs selected by the U.S. Department of Energy, including Texas’ own HyVelocity Hub, Air Liquide will contribute to the Council a high-level view of the potential hydrogen ecosystem, with a detailed regional focus. 

Building a clean energy economy with hydrogen at its core is going to take innovation, collaboration among different stakeholders and the willingness to be a first mover. At Air Liquide, we call this inventing the future - and we look forward to working with Council members to advance our future through hydrogen together.