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Air Liquide supports Artemis 1 launch with expanded supply capabilities to NASA's Kennedy Space Center

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On November 16, Air Liquide supported the successful launch of the historic Artemis 1 mission through the supply of high-pressure nitrogen to Launch Complex-39B at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Air Liquide’s support of NASA’s Artemis program drove an expansion of the capabilities of the Group’s Merritt Island, Florida, site and a renewed ten-year contract with NASA. 

Artemis 1 is the first in a series of increasingly complex missions as NASA conducts integrated tests of their deep space exploration systems. The expansion of Air Liquide’s Merritt Island capabilities played a critical role in the launch’s success, as the Artemis launch required nearly double the amount of high-pressure nitrogen than any previous launch. Air Liquide’s flexible and reliable supply of high-pressure nitrogen will help NASA meet its commitment and capability to extend human existence to the Moon and beyond. 

In the U.S., for over 50 years, dating back to the Apollo era missions in 1968, Air Liquide has played a valuable role in NASA’s advancement of the U.S. space program through the supply of high pressure nitrogen. The continuous supply of nitrogen has been integral to the lunar missions of the 1970’s, the thirty year Space Shuttle program, the construction of the International Space Station, and most recently the first commercial launches of crew and cargo to orbit from U.S. soil since the shuttle program ended in 2011. 

Mike Graff, Chairman & CEO, American Air Liquide Holdings, Inc., said: “Air Liquide is committed to the innovation and advancement of the space program not only in the United States but across the globe. Our expertise in gas applications for the space industry has made Air Liquide a major contributor to space exploration for 60 years. We are proud of the support we are able to provide to an innovative leader like NASA and remain dedicated to delivering operational excellence to the Artemis program and NASA’s pursuit to land the first woman and first person of color on the moon, and to space exploration beyond the moon.”

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