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Air Liquide’s Innovation Campus Delaware Hosts Sen. Coons, Toyota for Hydrogen Heavy Duty Transportation Demonstration

Published on July 28, 2022

2 mins

Hydrogen is on its way to transforming the mobility industry. Already more than 35,000 hydrogen-powered forklifts are in operation. Tackling transportation sector emissions is no small task, especially with this sector alone accounting for nearly one-third of U.S. emissions. To decarbonize this industry, sustainable technologies must be deployed where they make the most sense. For heavy duty transportation, hydrogen is the ideal solution.  

This summer, Air Liquide’s Innovation Campus Delaware hosted the Toyota North America Northeast Roadshow with special guests U.S. Senator Coons (D-DE) and U.S. Representative Lisa Blunt Rochester (D-DE). The Roadshow provided an exclusive opportunity for Air Liquide employees and hydrogen supporters to get an up-close look at Toyota’s new heavy-duty fuel cell electric truck. Trucking is key to keeping our economy running; hydrogen utilized in a fuel cell electric vehicle requires less weight, less space and shorter downtimes than other alternative-fueled vehicles. We can keep our goods moving farther, faster and more sustainably. 

As co-chair of the Senate Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Caucus, Senator Coons is a strong advocate for hydrogen energy. Along with Senator Cornyn (R-TX), Senator Coons introduced four separate bills to promote hydrogen energy, including the Hydrogen for Trucks Act which will help catalyze the broad deployment and adoption of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles.