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Air Liquide’s CryocapTM carbon capture technology selected for FEED study supported by U.S. Department of Energy

Published on July 25, 2023

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Port-Jérôme site and Cryocap 121

Air Liquide will be a key technology partner for a carbon capture demonstration project and front-end engineering design (FEED) study funded by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations. OCED’s Carbon Capture Demonstration Projects Program seeks to address the urgent need to deploy carbon management technologies. The goal of the Carbon Capture Demonstration Projects Program is to accelerate the implementation of integrated carbon capture and storage technologies and catalyze significant follow-on investments from the private sector to mitigate carbon emissions sources in industries across America.

Air Liquide’s CryocapTM FG carbon capture technology has been selected by the Southern States Energy Board for a demonstration at the Ash Grove Foreman Cement Plant, in Foreman, Arkansas. The technology will capture and purify up to 95% of the carbon dioxide generated by the cement plant. This project, one of eight selected by the DOE to receive funding, aims to decarbonize cement manufacturing, an industrial process traditionally considered as hard to abate. In focusing on cement production decarbonization, Air Liquide adds to its industrial carbon capture project pipeline. In 2022, Air Liquide was awarded 4 other carbon capture FEED studies for projects across the U.S.

Decarbonizing industrial processes and providing sustainable technology solutions is integral to Air Liquide’s strategic mission. Among Air Liquide’s portfolio of sustainable solutions is CryocapTM, a suite of carbon capture solutions. CryocapTM product range uses a cryogenic process combined with proprietary membrane separation and/or pressure-swing adsorption technologies, and can be adapted to specific industrial applications such as cement manufacturing, hydrogen production, refinery, steel, and power generation. 

Air Liquide is committed to driving a more sustainable industry through the utilization of innovative, sustainable technologies that reduce CO2  emissions in industrial processes, like cement manufacturing. As the clean energy economy of the future is developing, carbon capture technology offers one of the pathways today towards greater decarbonization for industry.