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Air Liquide announces upgrades to its U.S. bulk gas distribution fleet

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Air Liquide recently introduced 145 new trucks equipped with cutting-edge safety technologies into its bulk gas distribution fleet as part of its 5-year fleet replacement program.

Under the program, tractors are cycled out of operation based upon equipment life cycle to continuously maintain the safety and reliability of the fleet.

Wayne Bohannon, President of Air Liquide Industrial U.S. LP, commented: “Air Liquide is committed to maintaining the safest vehicles possible. We are consistently updating our fleet to leverage new and improved technologies as they become available.”

The new tractors – a mix of day cabs, single-sleeper cabs, and dual sleeper cabs – are equipped with advanced safety technologies designed to help drivers better react to unexpected road conditions and promote safe driving habits.

Major features of the new trucks include:

  • Advanced radar sensors mounted to the front and side of the tractor to detect the presence and movement of vehicles around the truck and to alert drivers of potential hazards in the truck’s intended path and in the drivers’ blind spot.
  • Collision prevention technology that assists drivers in maintaining a safe following distance, and to help avoid and reduce the impact of rear-end collisions by activating the brakes in emergency situations when a driver may not have time to react.
  • An air brake system that reduces stopping distance by 25 percent as compared to conventional brakes. Air brakes are fade-resistant, preventing degradation of stopping power.
  • A stability control system that works in conjunction with the air brake system to help prevent rollovers by applying each wheel’s brakes in the correct sequence.
  • A lane departure warning system that detects when a truck crosses the lane divider strips and triggers an audible alarm to alert the driver.
  • An event recording system – complete with a dual-facing camera mounted on the windshield that captures 180 degrees in front of the vehicle and inside the cabin – the system detects and records unusual movements of a vehicle.

The tractor replacement program compliments a range of extensive driver safety programs developed for the company’s 500+ bulk drivers. Air Liquide drivers are required to complete programs such as safety boot camp and fatigue management training, which also involves drivers’ families to promote safe habits at home, on a regular basis.